New Project: The Slow Man

Just wanted to post a little announcement to folks who read and supported After the MFA over the years — I have a new web project called and I want to invite you to come over and check it out.

What is The Slow Man? I like to think of it as my way of working out how to slow down a little, lessen the haste and hectic pace that can wear us down, dull our senses, and make us lose our way.

I’ll be writing about many different things, including personal productivity, ways to manage your career and life, having a good drink, figuring out the little things in life that often escape us because we’re moving too damn fast.

If you’re interested, please come and check The Slow Man out and feel free to sign up for email updates below.




Yes, I Don’t Update Very Much, But Follow Me?

I started this blog almost 5 year ago now and have updated it haphazardly over the last 2-3 years.

I don’t plan to let it die, but I like to take a break from it from time to time. I’ve been spending more time on the social networks lately. One big reason for that is my job entails knowing the Facebooks, Twitters, and Google+ mechanisms. So it leaves little time for personal blogging.

As a means of a meager update, for anyone who may still be poking around here occasionally, please feel free to follow me on twitter or Google+. I’d be happy to follow you back and keep in touch. Relevant buttons below. Hope to hear from you.


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Why Failing at Nanowrimo Was a Good Thing (For Me)

I attempted to complete the Nanowrimo project twice in the last 8 years. Both of my attempts to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 day have failed.

Sure, I had lots of excuses and distractions and I did make a pretty good effort of it. In the end, I have over 25,000 words of a story that I’ve been trying to get out of me for years. But it’s still a failed attempt. And I’m OK with that.

I’m not going to beat myself up over it because I came out of the experience with a few new and reinforced ideas and tips for anyone who is thinking about doing it again next year (including myself).

  1. Writing is goddamn hard.
    Remember that. Balancing storytelling, craft, concentration, and (in the case of Nanowrimo) a focus on writing as many words as possible in a sitting — that’s difficult work. And for the most part, when I sat down to do the balancing act for two or three-hour spurts, it worked out OK. I just needed to do more sit-down sessions. Continue Reading »