gdancing.jpgSo, yeah, I have an MFA in creative writing — but what can anyone do with it?

Keep writing, for one thing. Teach, maybe. Read with a different frame of mind, with more focus. Talk about books and stories with a little more understanding. So many things. But it doesn’t stop with the degree…

My name is Gordon Hurd. I am not a member of the Mongolian heavy metal band that bears my last name. I’m simply a writer. I graduated from University of San Francisco in August 2005. As of April 2006, I live in New York with my wife and two daughters. We live in Brooklyn, baby.

I’m a California nativeā€”a Capricorn, born in the 1970s. When pressed, I’ll confess a taste for disco, samurai movies, and fart jokes. I write and edit for an Internet a juggernaut. In my free time I drink bourbon wine, smoke menthol cigarettes, smoke cigars, read books, and manipulate my Netflix rental queue.

I welcome any input to this project about writing good stories, teaching good writing, reading good books, and having good times.