Apologies to Commenters

Hi. Just wanted to send out a quick thank you and apology to the people who have left comments on the site over the past couple months.

Because of a plague of spam I had forced all comments to go through approval before going on the site. I didn’t realize people had actually been saying stuff I would have loved to have seen. Damn spam.

Thanks again, for the comments on my last taking stock post. Big thank you for the thoughts and encouragement.

Things are still as busy as ever, but I hope to start writing a bit more on here in the future.

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  1. Sandra Allen wrote:

    Hi Gordon,

    I apologize for contacting you in this format, especially because you seem to have a problem with spam. This isn’t spam, I assure you, but I couldn’t find your email.
    I’m writing on behalf of the online-only literary quarterly, Wag’s Reve, of which I am nonfiction editor. Founded this Spring, Wag’s Revue aspires to marry the form and control of traditional print publishing with the freedoms of online distribution and multimedia expression. We’ve just released our third issue, which features interviews with George Saunders, Lee Gutkind and John D’Agata; fiction by Daniel Wallace (author of “Big Fish”) and others; poetry in radical translation; nonfiction in four media; and charcoal drawings of stills from the 1991 heist / surfing classic, “Point Break.” In the past, we’ve featured interviews with other such waggish luminaries of our day as Dave Eggers, T.C. Boyle, and Wells Tower. All issues are available for free at http://www.wagsrevue.com
    I hope you’ll take a look at the site (you’ll see immediately how we’re different from most other online publishing) and perhaps mention us on our site. I really enjoy that you cater to the post-MFA audience (as I am soon to be a member of that audience myself). Mostly, I’m contacting you because we’ve just announced the opening of our second Writers’ Contest. We’re offering three prizes of $500 and guaranteed publication to the strongest entries in poetry, fiction and nonfiction. I think your readers may enjoy learning about a high quality web publication and have an interest in applying to the contest. All details on submitting can be found at http://www.wagsrevue.com
    I hope you’ll email me with any thoughts or questions (I can send a press kit, etc.) I appreciate you taking the time to read this message.

    Take Care,
    Sandra Allen
    Nonfiction Editor
    Wag’s Revue

    Posted 30 Sep 2009 at 5:55 pm
  2. jazzy wrote:

    Yes, I agree with the commenter in the previous section who asked what would you have done differently. I’m applying to MFA programs this Fall and I need to know! (no pressure or anything).

    Posted 04 Oct 2009 at 1:22 am
  3. Gordon wrote:


    Thanks for the comment — will be posting something for you guys this week.


    Posted 25 Oct 2009 at 8:53 pm

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