NaNoWrimo 2010: Not a Savior, But a Salve

I know a little bit about the NaNoWriMo. After attempting it back in 2002, and failing because I almost died from the flu in the last week of the month, I salvaged my dignity and used portions of my effort for my MFA application.

A few years later I tried to go back to the frenzied writing source, but something came up. Details are fuzzy.

This year, I’ve been mentally focused on finally writing this novel springing from a MFA-era short story, and publicly declared I was going to make this shit happen in 2010. Turns out a bunch of stuff happened this year and I have approximately zero pages logged in on that novel project.

But here we are again. Back near November.

So I am now declaring that I will go toe-to-toe with nanowrimo in 2010 to finally figure this fucking novel out. Get out of my brain and on digital paper. For once and for all. I mean it.

To be honest I was just too depressed last year to do it. New York and cold and rain were bringing me down. Thanks to climate change I’m still wearing linen in late October. So temperature is taken care of.

As far as motivation, my daughters are getting older and loving storytelling more and more. I need to put my effort where my mouth is in the parental inspiration department. And that takes care of the passion and commitment portion.

Finally, a friend of mine recently opted out of life. At this point in my own life, I can’t ignore events like this. It is clearly time to make good on unresolved potential, whether I am bound for failure or not. While I doubt his mortal decision was to help us get off our ass and do something, that ended up being the effect in my particular case. RIP, Aaron.

Are you doing the nanowrimo thing? Let me know in the comments or email and let’s connect and keep each other properly motivated.

EDIT TO ADD: My user name on Nanowrimo is choquito. Please add me as a buddy, if you like.

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  1. 52 Faces wrote:

    Wow I don’t know whether to be more excited that you’re doing NaNo or that you blogged!

    I will buddy you in a second – I’m YellowTypingFiend on NaNo.

    Posted 29 Oct 2010 at 2:47 am
  2. Emilie wrote:

    I’m doing it! It’s going to be hard for me this year – so much on my plate. Let’s be each others’ cheerleaders!

    I’m thatagirldarling on NaNoWriMo.


    Posted 30 Oct 2010 at 5:57 pm

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