What’s Your Current Project?

Some of you who follow what goes on here may know I am working on a project. It’s more of a challenge really, from my best friend and nemesis Jeff over at 52 Projects. Originally the challenge was to write a novel–a short European-style novel (whatever that may be)–before I uprooted and moved from New York back to California this summer.

Turns out I’m not moving, but I am keeping my end of the bargain anyway. I would never be able to live it down if I gave up on the book. Plus, I really do want to pound out a feverish book and then wallow in its murky first-draftiness. It’d be the perfect way to spend a humid New York City summer.

What writing project are you working on? And how is it going?

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  1. John Fox wrote:

    Too bad you’re not moving back to Los Angeles – that’s where I am, forging a literary community. Anyhow, good luck on your novel project. I’m revising my MPW thesis, which was a collection of short stories, and sending out to journals.

    Posted 15 May 2008 at 2:27 pm
  2. ll wrote:

    Deadlines are almost always good for productivity but so are real life experiences. I was productive two weeks ago, unproductive currently but am looking forward to the summer. And I am looking forward to writing the other half of my novel which two years ago wasn’t conceivable.

    Posted 15 May 2008 at 5:37 pm
  3. JSB wrote:

    I’ve been so busy on my current project that I haven’t had a chance to comment for a while. The 52 projects novel sounds fun. Good luck on that and I hope everyone’s projects go well this summer. I’m in that place where I haven’t seen any of my friends for about three weeks and can’t imagine what I’d say to them if I did. This is the last stage of the last rewrite on my current novel, Blue Moves, which is “only” about a year behind schedule (loved the Slate article on Ellison and Capote). But it’s going pretty well and I should be finished by the end of next week. I hate the thought of having to do the final “read through” before sending it off. You know the hard-copy edit, followed by the inevitable return to the Shiraz-splattered keyboard.Why do we do this?

    Posted 16 May 2008 at 6:33 am
  4. Lisa wrote:

    I am putting the final tweaks to my MFA creative manuscript, a collection of personal essays. I wasn’t all that excited about it, since much of it had already been, or was already slated to be, published, and because I never really saw all of the essays as a cohesive whole.

    But once I began writing the preface and the abstract, all the disparate elements and themes of the essays became apparent, the links seemed to glow and jump out at me, and it finally came to feel like a beloved project.

    Alas, of course, it’s a project that has a built in “end” (graduation), but also possibilities, as just now, for the first time, it feels as if maybe a memoirish book may be lurking, or at least an opening to a larger project may be in sight. Maybe. That will be my summer/fall project – figuring out where to go with it all.

    Posted 17 May 2008 at 3:04 pm
  5. Armand wrote:

    1. try to sell book o’ shorts

    2. write novel

    3. Goto 1.


    Posted 18 May 2008 at 9:52 pm

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