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Edwidge Danticat on Detention

Even if you haven’t read her book about the plight of her uncle, Edwidge Danticat’s interview on “60 Minutes” should be watched. “Brother, I’m Dying” is the next thing I’m going to read.

Looking Forward To

What I’m looking forward to, at this moment in time (Sunday, March 2 @ 5:14pm), in no particular order: Writing a few pages of my forever-unfinished novel tonight after my girls go to bed. Seeing the last episode of “The Wire” tomorrow night (Thanks to HBO On Demand) Hearing no more about the Democrat primaries [...]

Six Words Speak Volumes

I found out recently that I’m a part of a very cool project that began with the fine folks over at Smith Mag. It’s a simple notion–write your life in six measly words–that seems to have caught on: what started as a fun web project is now a book called “Not Quite What I Was [...]