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Writing, Rejection, and Depression

I’m in the thirteenth month of trying to sell my short fiction collection with no buyer in sight, and I’m officially depressed. When I say depressed, I don’t mean clinically or medically depressed. I mean good, old-fashioned sad and upset. I have to admit that I’ve been fairly lucky as a writer. From time to [...]

Looking for Writing Teacher in Boston

Hi. Is anyone on this blog in the metro Boston area and, if so, do you have an interest in doing any guest lecture or subbing work? This would be for CV experience only (I can’t offer pay). I teach college comp in the mornings and am in the process of looking for someone who [...]

How to Submit to Literary Journals — From Top-Tier to Small Publishers

In an effort to help us all with the ongoing struggle of literary journal submissions, most of this post was composed over several nights between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m., and I apologize for typos and grammatical errors. On submitting What follows are suggestions for submitting your stories and/or excerpts to small literary journals. Build [...]