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More on the Loving and Hating of Writing

One of the more popular posts I’ve written so far is “Do You Love Writing but Hate to Write?” I like the fact this has resonated with others. I always felt guilty about hating a lot about the act of writing—staring at a dark and empty screen, loathing every single word, watching the clock tick [...]

Some Different Kind of Creature: an Interview with Brendan Halpin

Welcome to After the MFA’s leg of TypePad’s Virtual Book Tour with Brendan Halpin. Brendan, the author of five books, is promoting his new novel “Dear Catastrophe Waitress.” If you’ve come from Rarely Likable, TypePad’s network, or Brendan’s existing readers — welcome to all. Before we launch into this interview, I want to throw a [...]

Of Virtual Book Tours

I was recently asked to participate in an interesting new project going on over at Six Apart’s blog network, TypePad, and more specifically the TypePad Books project. In the 21st-century mashup of promotion and serendipitous discovery that seems to go so well with blogging, author Brendan Halpin is talking about his new book “Dear Catastrophe [...]