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You Can’t Write Until You Grow the F Up

What I learned was that to write a book you have to first become the person you need to be to write that book. I had to, like, literally change. I had to become a new person. I had to grow the f— up. – Junot Diaz

Writing and running with Murakami

Back in June I read Haruki Murakami’s essay in a recent issue of the New Yorker and was instantly captivated. Not only was Murakami’s story of how he entered the writing life (got a little sidetracked in his career running a Japanese jazz bar), but he described his entry into the world of running in [...]

What the Internet Has Done for Writing

Found this while browsing through the popular writing-related links on social bookmarking site Delicious. I can’t help but get a little annoyed at the $2-blog-writing schemes, SEO “content” farms, and a general deterioration of originality, voice, and real content that passes for so-called writing online. Now I have an image to conjure whenever this black [...]