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It’s Nice to Know a Winner

I’d like to send out some congratulations to Armand Inezian–he who frequently contributes superlative blog posts. Apparently, he won first place in Glimmer Train’s summer fiction open, and he didn’t even bother to boast about it. I only found out by seeing a strange spike in incoming links from Glimmer Train. Read Armand’s interview on [...]

How to Submit to Literary Journals — From Top-Tier to Small Publishers

In an effort to help us all with the ongoing struggle of literary journal submissions, most of this post was composed over several nights between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m., and I apologize for typos and grammatical errors. On submitting What follows are suggestions for submitting your stories and/or excerpts to small literary journals. Build [...]

Should MFA Programs Shirk the Short Story?

In MFA programs, short stories are often given the same weight as novels, screenplays and memoir, but things are different in the marketplace. Now, I love short stories, and I spent about five years writing a short story collection, but the market for short fiction is extremely limited. Consider the types of books you buy. [...]