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Writing and running with Murakami

Back in June I read Haruki Murakami’s essay in a recent issue of the New Yorker and was instantly captivated. Not only was Murakami’s story of how he entered the writing life (got a little sidetracked in his career running a Japanese jazz bar), but he described his entry into the world of running in [...]

Full of Artless Jealousy

Signal vs. Noise, one of the blogs I read on technology, productivity, and creativity, posted an article recently about being motivated in a constructive and positive way by jealousy. “Productive jealousy,” is an interesting theory, but I wonder if it’s really that common in practice. Like the article’s author, I have always been plagued with [...]

A Brief Review of “Stone Reader”

Just watched a documentary called “Stone Reader.??? I’m probably late in the game since it came out in 2002. There is no film more about “After the MFA??? than this. Morbidly, I watched and learned about a brilliant writer from the Iowa Workshop, who published a first novel in 1972 called “The Stones of Summer.??? [...]