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Looking for Writing Teacher in Boston

Hi. Is anyone on this blog in the metro Boston area and, if so, do you have an interest in doing any guest lecture or subbing work? This would be for CV experience only (I can’t offer pay). I teach college comp in the mornings and am in the process of looking for someone who [...]

I Won’t Give Up My Day Job

A survey in the U.K. revealed that more people want to be a writer there than any other job. To which Guardian writer John Crace says “Don’t give up the day job.” Further in, he comments on the growing number of creative writing classes that people are taking as they pursue their dreams of being [...]

Get a Job

This is a feature I’ve been meaning to start doing on a regular basis: post compelling job listings relevant to those of us who hold our crinkled, dog-eared, coffee-stained MFAs in our cramped hands. Thanks to Armand for getting me rolling on it with this job listing he culled from the Harvard University job boards. [...]