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Six Words Speak Volumes

I found out recently that I’m a part of a very cool project that began with the fine folks over at Smith Mag. It’s a simple notion–write your life in six measly words–that seems to have caught on: what started as a fun web project is now a book called “Not Quite What I Was [...]

Getting Back to Business

OK, I almost went the way of every other blog or website done strictly for the love and none of the money. I almost let the damn thing atrophy. Toward the end of 2007, daily life was completely taking over all sides of my brain and I wasn’t thinking much about After the MFA. Thankfully, [...]

Academic Writing Kills

Back in my MFA days (not so long ago, but starting to creep into the memories stage), one of my beloved instructors used to clown a fresh-from-undergraduate colleague about calling our stories “texts.” “It’s a book,” he’d say. “You mean the story?” he’d ask. It became a bit of a running joke in workshop, but [...]