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Why Failing at Nanowrimo Was a Good Thing (For Me)

I attempted to complete the Nanowrimo project twice in the last 8 years. Both of my attempts to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 day have failed. Sure, I had lots of excuses and distractions and I did make a pretty good effort of it. In the end, I have over 25,000 words of [...]

Writing and running with Murakami

Back in June I read Haruki Murakami’s essay in a recent issue of the New Yorker and was instantly captivated. Not only was Murakami’s story of how he entered the writing life (got a little sidetracked in his career running a Japanese jazz bar), but he described his entry into the world of running in [...]

What’s Your Current Project?

Some of you who follow what goes on here may know I am working on a project. It’s more of a challenge really, from my best friend and nemesis Jeff over at 52 Projects. Originally the challenge was to write a novel–a short European-style novel (whatever that may be)–before I uprooted and moved from New [...]